Central work packages of the research project are the development of a suitable business model and relevant governance mechanisms, which are ultimately documented in a model for the operation of a digital platform ecosystem. The heterogeneity of the involved actors and their complex requirements pose great challenges. The most diverse user groups must be served optimally so that a concrete added value is created for all participants. For this purpose, it will be shown how individual value propositions can be created for the respective groups. Revenue share models are particularly suitable for billing services and packages as well as concrete applications in digital platform ecosystems.

The heart of digital platforms is a governance model as a composition of rules and control mechanisms for orchestrating digital ecosystems. To this end, proven governance mechanisms will be investigated with regard to their configuration and composition on already established platforms and evaluated with regard to possible inclusion in the BayernCloud governance model. Different configurations of possible governance mechanisms (e.g. decision structures, control mechanisms) will be synthesized using different use cases and integrated into the governance model. This forms the basis for controlling digital platform ecosystems, which can be developed based on the reference architecture of the BayernCloud.