One aspect of the BayernCloud research project is the development of a certification model and the consideration of legal aspects within the context of creating the reference architecture.

The concept of the BayernCloud reference architecture is checked for legal compatibility on a cross-domain platform level and guidelines are developed according to which the project and its work packages can be implemented and evaluated. The guidelines relate to content, infrastructure, data and relationships of the project partners. In addition, measures are developed in this work package in order to be able to carry out ongoing checks and comparisons with regulations in the respective individual steps and work packages. The interaction of the different stakeholders will be considered as well as the integration of data from different sources, especially so-called open data under consideration of individual licenses and their authorship.

This is followed directly by the topics of data protection and data security, which play a crucial role in the BayernCloud research project. A central area of conflict is the desire for security and data protection in accordance with German and European standards. Only if the authenticity, integrity and validity of the data used can be guaranteed and credibly communicated will the necessary trust be created with potential project partners. Here, for instance, it might make sense to find a regulation from the outset which keeps the data in Germany and only permits processing in accordance with German law. Further questions regarding the permissibility of data collection and storage, the degree of anonymisation, the deletion of data as well as the handling of data from publicly accessible sources are to be clarified in this work package.

In order to enable the operation of a digital platform ecosystem implemented on the basis of the reference architecture, it will be examined how an operating organization can be organised and legally structured. Thus, recommendations for a legal company structure to be chosen are already produced during the project period. This ensures that an actual operation of a platform created on the basis of the reference architecture is possible after the research project.