fortiss is the research institute of the Free State of Bavaria for software-intensive systems and services. fortiss conducts basic and application-oriented research in the areas of software and systems engineering, cyber-physical systems and information systems, as well as in the fields of information security, broadband infrastructure and network policy, e-government and digital innovations.



Hubermedia specializes in content aggregation in the tourism industry. Since 2008, a data platform has been set up with all tourism associations in Bavaria, which aggregates databases on all topics relevant to tourism in the background. Hubermedia operates the content management and publishing solution eT4® for the tourism industry. The highly scalable and highly available cloud platform combines tourism offers and makes them available to customers at all touchpoints, regardless of location or device.


The company is based in Immenstadt in Allgäu and was founded in 1994 by Hartmut Wimmer. More than 100 employees in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy serve customers from all over the world. The central product is the Outdooractive Platform, a self-programmed content management system (CMS). On this CMS all contents of the over 1500 partners, of it approx. 800 Destinationskunden (D-A-CH), flow together. Several hundred mobile applications and many thousands of websites form the platform. Well over 100,000 online tours have been published and networked with other data sources.


The Allgäu Extranet serves our brand partners as a platform for digital exchange on cooperation and brand topics.


Faculty of Tourism


The Fraunhofer Institute for Applied and Integrated Security (AISEC) under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Claudia Eckert is the security expert within the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft and one of the leading research institutes in Europe. Fraunhofer AISEC develops innovative security technologies to improve the reliability, trustworthiness and manipulation security of IT-based systems and products. The core competencies of more than 90 scientific and technical employees include hardware security, product protection, mobile security, embedded system security, vehicle security, and service and application security.



BAYERN TOURISMUS Marketing GmbH is the official marketing company of the Bavarian tourism and leisure industry.


The Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs is responsible, among other things, for small and medium-sized enterprises, crafts, energy, media, start-ups and technology.