The objective of the BayernCloud project is to create a reference architecture that contributes to lowering the adaptation and acceptance threshold for the use of digital, in particular cloud-based, technologies by SMEs in Bavaria. This reference architecture is designed to meet the special requirements of SMEs. For example, it will be investigated how the system operation of a digital platform ecosystem can be facilitated independently of the provider. At the same time, new competition and access to new market segments are promoted, and the development of innovative products and services is made possible. The resulting reference architecture forms the basis for the creation and instantiation of BayernCloud’s industry-specific solutions.

For this purpose, a dedicated review will be carried out and it will be shown how a future operating company can design a digital ecosystem platform to enable operation. Companies can provide their own applications based on existing infrastructure and services. At the same time, users can use these applications, which are specifically designed for small and medium-sized enterprises, and configure them for their individual cases with little effort.