The BayernCloud research project focuses on the question of how a scalable digital platform ecosystem should be designed in a way that both optimises existing processes and promotes synergies across industries and in specific sectors. 

This ecosystem should be easy, fast and cost-effective to implement, rely on a self-sustainable business model in the medium term, without the need for continuous funding,  and above all enable the participation of small and medium-sized enterprises in digitisation. Therefore, the  goal of this research project is to develop a reference architecture for a cloud-based digital ecosystem platform that meets the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises.

The reference architecture enables the development of a digital platform ecosystem, with which different actors can exchange services, information, resources and other artifacts in a uniform way. On the basis of this ecosystem, a multi-sided market for (business) activities can be formed for the actors, thus creating a complete digital platform ecosystem. The focus lies on the creation of an open and at the same time secure system that enables all market participants in the respective industry to adapt or use this cloud solution(s) by means of suitable open source technologies.

The project structure is divided into a foundational part and an application part. The foundational part focuses on the development of the BayernCloud reference architecture. The applicational part is concerned with the first instantiation of BayernCloud in Bavarian tourism. The pilot region chosen is the Allgäu. The partners in the project are working on industry-specific instantiations in tourism and are developing concrete applications on the basis of the BayernCloud reference architecture in order to  promote interlinking in Bavarian tourism and at the same time be able to provide an optimal service for both tourists and tourism professionals. For instance, the project initially focuses on a data infrastructure, that might provide up-to-date information on local events or the condition of a hiking or cycling trail for tourists.